Accomplishments of 2006

Program Accomplishments: Total Served/Direct Impact - 43,800

  1. Prostate Cancer Awareness:
    Goal: 330 Actual: 25,755 Direct Impact: 355
    • 32.6% increase in the awareness level pertaining to the “Facts about the Prostate Gland”.
    • 26.9% average increase in the number of men that said they were better equipped to recognize the symptoms of Prostate Cancer.
    • Awareness of the Measures that can be taken to prevent and even cure Prostate Cancer increased by 25.1%.
  2. Breast & Cervical Cancer Awareness:
    Goal: 200 Actual: 25,727 Direct Impact: 277
    • An overall 69.1% increase in the awareness levels pertaining to the “Facts about Breast & Cervical Cancer”.
    • 62.4% increase in awareness that Pap Tests are still required after a Hysterectomy and other Pap test facts. 
    • A significant connection was made between early detection, preventative measures and the increase of being cured as seen in an overall 84% increase in the awareness levels in these areas.
    • There was a 64.2% increase in the awareness level of (HPV)  Human Papillomavirus and its connection to Cancer.  
  3. HIV/AIDS Awareness:
    Goal: 350 Actual: 35,400 Direct Impact: 1068

    • Our audience consisted of predominately African American youth.
    • Almost 68% said they would postpone having sex based on the information received.
    • 61% of the participants committed to using some form of latex barrier during sexual contact.  
    • 66% of the participants stated that they would discuss what they learned with family members, friends and sex partners.
    • 97% committed to getting tested, especially following sexual activities without a latex condom and/or sharing needles. 

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