Accomplishments of 2007

Program Accomplishments: Total Served/Direct Impact - 35,210

  1. Harvest for the World Food Pantry:
    Impact: 10,202 Households/39,782 People
    • Participants are predominately seniors between the ages of 45 - 75, with the average being 50 years of age.
    • Through a partnership with BMAC and ASHEA, we have added the services of a bi-weekly “Wellness” Van specifically to address the health concerns of the Senior Citizens.
  2. Breast & Cervical Cancer Awareness:
    Goal: 300 Direct Impact: 563
    • An overall 81.1% increase in the awareness levels pertaining to the “Facts about Breast & Cervical Cancer”.
    • 81.2% increase in awareness that Pap Tests are still required after a Hysterectomy and other Pap test facts.
    • A significant connection was made between early detection, preventative measures and the increase of being cured as seen in an overall 87.2% increase in the awareness levels in these areas. 
    • There was a 86.6% increase in the awareness level of (HPV)  Human Papillomavirus and its connection to Cancer.
  3. HIV/AIDS Awareness:
    Goal: 500 Direct Impact: 872
    • Although the increase in awareness appears minimal by category, it has been proven that the more times the participants “hear” the facts, the more their prevention commitment increases. Overall, there was a 80% positive change in behavioral choices.
    • There was a 23% increase in the awareness level pertaining to the “Facts about HIV/AIDS”, which further supports that there is still a need to get the word out on HIV/AIDS.  
    • Almost 93% of the youth stated that they would postpone having sex based on the information received. 

    • 78% committed to getting tested, especially following sexual activities without a latex condom and/or sharing needles.   

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