Accomplishments of 2008

Program Accomplishments: Total Served/Direct Impact - 40,322

We have had an outstanding first half of the year through collaborative efforts and the support of our funders. Following is our year to date impact by program and Participant Demographics for our client base. Also, to be noted, is the fact that in every program, we exceeded our 2008 goals at the mid year point. This report represents year to date through September, 2008.

  1. Harvest for the World Food Pantry: We served 6,884 Families that represents 27,821 Individuals Comments: with the expected increase in the release of USDA food products - we anticipate a year end served total of 40,000 individuals.
  2. BASUAH and HIV AIDS Awareness Programs: Our goal for 2008 was set at 800 and to date we have reached 2,451 directly.
  3. Breast & Cervical Cancer Awareness Program:Our goal was set at 150 and to date we have reached 373 directly.
  4. Prostate Cancer Awareness Program: Our goal was set at 150 and we have reached 247 men directly.
  5. Youth Programs: Summer Camp Program has just begun, and the CHA will provide hot breakfasts & lunches daily for up to 40 youth.
  6. CEDA:Our staff processed 278 applications that enabled individuals to receive Heating & Energy Assistance and are geared up for 2008-2009. We have also recently earned our Weatherization site certification.
  7. Re-Entry Initiatives / Access to Recovery:
    • TRCDO Staffing Resources: There are currently 356 in the pipeline for Job Readiness & Skills Development through collaborations with the City of Chicago PACT and OAI with233 placed in jobs year to date with our pool of 29 employers. A new program acquired is CPC Corn Products, which we were able to place 15 candidates immediately.
    • Circle of Knowledge ACI Accredited High School Program: We have 36 new high school graduates of which 6 have gone on to pursue to college level education.
    • Prison In and Out Reach: We continue to provide weekly Sunday Services and support for the Cook County Division 8 Women’s Division, which is coordinated by one of our Pastors with the assistance of our ministry staff. We are also on the approved list of Ministerial Alliance with the Cook County Sherriff's Department for entrance and counseling with the prison system. We continue to reach an average of 10% of the 9,000 women incarcerated. We continue to collaborate with Cook County Department of Corrections Women of Power Alumni Associates. From this, we reached 112 directly women with Health Awareness and referral information.

Yearly Scorecards

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