Accomplishments of 2010

Program Accomplishments: Total Served/Direct Impact - 42,589

Our collaborative efforts for 2010 programs include SAMHSA/CSAP, Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Minority Health Center, (MHC) US Medical Reserve Corp (MRC), Prevention Partnership (PP), Vitas, Medical Health Associates (MHA), Broadcast Ministers Alliance (BMA), Chicago Food Depository, FGBCF State of Illinois Men and Youth, Abraxas, Haymarket, Resurrection House, Veterans Life Changing Services (VLCS), and Each One Reach One Child (EOROC). Provided below is an overview of our year to date impact by program.

  1. Harvest for the World Food Pantry: We served 2,796 Families that represents 10,469 Individuals. This program is supported by Triedstone, the Chicago Food Depository, The Food Rescue Program, Wellcare and various individual contributions.
  2. HIV AIDS Awareness Program: We have multiple collaborative goals for 2010 Programming. Our total goal is to reach a minimum of 500 individuals, facilitate 40 events, provide testing for 100 people, and prepare 3 public service announcements and 2 e-blasts. To date, we have reached 715 directly, tested 115 people, facilitated 34 events, and produced 2 PSAs. Program supported by IDPH MHC, ASHEA., MHA, & PP.
  3. Prostate Cancer Awareness Program: Our goal is to reach 300 men with Prostate Cancer Awareness information, 100 men with testing opportunities, and produce 2 awareness e-blasts,. Year to date, we facilitated 7 events that reached 246 men with 41 men receiving PSA testing. This program is funded by IDPH MHC.
  4. CEDA LIHEAP: YTD, our staff has processed 165 applications and assisted 56 clients enabling individuals to receive Heating & Energy Assistance. Satellite sites include Heritage and Christ Everlasting. The program is funded by the City of Chicago.
  5. FGBCFI State of Illinois - Men & Youth:
    • Men: Collaborated to host a men’s breakfast and workshop for Prostate Awareness and General Health in Decatur, IL. Forty (40) men from across the state attended to be trained as Peer Educators. Coordinating 2nd event date for PSA Testing Event.
    • Youth: Collaborating to host youth event focused on HIV / STD Awareness with onsite testing. IDPH MHC and ASHEA/BMA.

  6. Circle of Knowledge ACI Accredited High School Program: We currently have eight (8) high school students in this program.
  7. Leadership Training & Development: Provided leadership training on organization & structure at Full Gospel Christian Assembly for 24 church leaders. Provided management training for 27 participants in the area of Grant Management & Writing Strategies at FG Midwest Region Summit.
  8. TFGBC Charter School: We began definition stages of plans for Charter School. Current team consists of 15 professional educators.
  9. Prison In and Out Reach: We continue to collaborate with Cook County Department of Corrections Women of Power Alumni Associates and Real Love Ministry. New relationships: Dwight and Lincoln Correction Facilities. Program is being defined. Seeking funder(s) for this program.
  10. Substance Abuse Prevention Program: Building collaborative program that will focus on substance abuse prevention, domestic violence, STDs, and veteran’s transitional programs. This programs also involves case management, in and out patient facilities, and intervention. Partners are secured with letters of commitment. Working on colleges. Pursuing funding with CSAP.
  11. Prevention Partnership Conference: In June, we will collaborated with Prevention Partnership to host a two day HIV/AIDS Awareness and Program Capacity Building conference. This event will be funded by SAMHSA/CSAP.
  12. First National Faith Based Conference: We are currently collaborating with SAMHSA and others to facilitate a national capacity building conference for the faith-based community to address Substance Abuse and HIV Prevention. This event will be funded various entities.
  13. Youth Summer Camp: Planning for summer camp has included bringing two Youth Development Programs to the initiative, Each One Reach One Child and SUCCESS for TEENS. Our existing partnership with CHA for meals will also continue. We are planning for 30 youth. The program will run from June 28 to August 20, 2010.

Yearly Scorecards

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